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Basic guide for SEO (search engine optimization)

Once your website is ready you might question if it appears in the internet search.

Give some time
First of all search engine (like bing, google, yandex, …) take some time to crawl a new website.
You can start installing a plugin that shows the ranking given to your page by the search engines. Then once a month check the score of your main page.
Each search engine has his own scale. For example Google goes from null till 10. “null” means unknown. 0 means that your page has been indexed, and if you get 10 it means that your webpage is among the most requested in the world.
Here some suggestions to place link in de WWW. Register your company on google maps and add the link to your site; register on youtube, add your link and place a small video.; you can register on scribd or issuu to publish your brochures and catalogues;

A way the search engines value the importance of a website is the number and quality of links found in other site that are pointing to it. Imagine deciding the importance of a person based on how much people are talking about her or him.
So try to place some links in other websites. Yellow pages, other website of your or of acquaintances, web site of association related to your work or passion, ...
Remember: quality is more important then quantity. For example having a link to your site on the website of a university is much more valuable then 100 links on unknown pages.

Up to date
Update once in a while your site. If you never update a website you might not find it any more worth. The same way think the search engines. That's why they lower the importance of a website if nothing happens for a while. Bring some changes at least every 2 month.

Invest in the content, don't believe in tricks
The goal of a search engine is to satisfy the visitor when searching for something.
If a search engine its not satisfying the client it will loose its trust. For this principle engine will not let a site win the first positions if its content is less interesting then others.
So work to make your site unique and captivating. Describe accurately yor products or idea and add some personality to your text. Remember that search engines penalize text which are copied from others and text written with mistakes.

The ranking your reach with your content is called organic positioning, meaning what you reach the natural way. You can as well try to push it artificially ( :pay )

You can decide to add some advertising on your page. Usually it's about short texts that appear on a searchengine or in other website. Usually you pay only when people are clicking (pay for click).
Here some exmaple : Facebook, google adwords, youtube,

Seek professionals
If you are starting a new product, or you have lot of competitors it might be worth to contact a professional. Search in your area for web-marketing or SEO firm. Here an article with suggestions when searching a SEO company.