Architecture and design have quite a broad meaning and, as a matter of fact, we work in many different fields: from designing a small lighting fixture to supervising big construction projects. The suffix G10 refers to the multiple fields of knowledge necessary for creativity to express itself.
Although the projects we deal with are of various types, nevertheless they are united by a common working method: good preparation, creative thinking, and clear communication. These three points have always guided us towards the satisfaction of a job well done.
G10design is run by architect Giorgio Cattano, often in collaboration with engineers, artists, and different professionals.
Teamwork is an intrinsic characteristic of G10 Design: it stimulates growth, creativity, and pleasure in what we do.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a project leader or are seeking a professional for a creative project.

Here some companies I´m having / I´ve had the pleasure to work with:

Beauty, together with love, truth and justice, represents authentic spiritual promotion. Men, ideologies, states that forget just one of these creative forces will not be able to show anyone the path to civilization” Adriano Olivetti, Italian engineer, entrepreneur, and politician.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything transforms”   Antoine Lavoisier, French scientist.