Nowadays kids toys are disappearing. We are buying nothing but copies of adults products. Copies of our cars, of our phones, even copies of ourself idealized (muscular men and blond princesses).
We are not only teaching our kids to look like us, but even to dream like us.
This way we might feed our self-esteem but we are making infertile the powerful seeds of creativity in our kid’s minds.
In 2012 we started researching on kids mental development. After 3 years we finally present the Cartoki toy serie.
Cartoki is based on new, or better said rediscovered, guide line for kids toy.
Cartoki is BASIC, 4 wheels it’s more then enough to bring you in all kind of adventures. Cartoki is·SIMPLE, so to give space to kid’s imagination.  Cartoki is BIG, size and form  adapt to kid’s hands.
At the same time Cartoki is a manifesto to denounce the lack of parent’s interaction in children choices, allowing the toy industries gaining the complete control.

Let the kids play with their own fantasy!

Cartoki presentation [list icon=”angle-right”]
  • year: 2015
  • price (basic Cartoki): 28€
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