• first produced in 2013

Based on old children toys, Wooddy combines the pleasure of the hand crafted wood with the enchant of its relaxing movement.
At first sight the child thinks that the balance is not possible. Wooddy, our man with the kite, should fall either one or the other way. The child, while searching for a trick, will stimulate his cerebral cortex questioning matters related to physics and motion. The physical model that describe it is a double pendulum , so its movement is chaotic and unpredictable . This is why it does not make you tired to watch at it, even after many times.
It is as well a toy for adults. You can remove the kite and attach a small note with a mini clothes peg. For example, as original Valentine day gift, you will write on the note “I love you” and your beloved will get hypnotized at the rocking message.

Wooddy is fragile and like to be treated with kindness.
Hand made, wood from Europe, “kite rope” made of super thin carbon fibre.
The Wooddy Toy comes in a red box, 16 x 16 x 3 cm
Various available colours: blue, green, yellow, red, violet, natural wood,…..

price : 28€ (exc. shipping)                Write us to order your Wooddy.