carpet tribute to Kandinsky

Kandinsky carpet

In 2021, Cleto Munari Associates invited me to propose carpet designs inspired by visual artists. I always loved Kandinsky. Many of his colourful abstract works resonate in me with feelings of happiness. The result is 3 hand-knotted wool carpets for the Cleto Munari collection. Abstract art teaches us that we cannot explain everything with logic. Art helps us to see things from the inside and intimately understand them.
Not only see but feel, most of all.
I once lay down on the Kandinsky III carpet. I opened my hands on the wool, closed my eyes, and tried to breathe slowly. I woke up remembering a colourful dream. Perhaps manual work conveys a special magic, or Kandinsky’s inspiration transpires over time. Or maybe I was just exhausted.

Carpet Kandinsky I

2021·hand-knotted rug

Carpet Kandinsky II

2021·hand-knotted rug

Kandinsky III

2021·hand-knotted rug

Cornelis marble table

CORNELIS, stone table

Text from the book “Essenze di marmo. Cleto Munari” – 2022 – EAN 9788893970365

“A game of voids and fullness, lines and solids that chase each other within amplified geometric shapes destined to replicate indefinitely.
The decoration of this marble tabletop designed by artist Cattano is named after the Dutch engraver and graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher and represents a unified set of pure shapes that recall perfection and order.
Although a table by its very nature is a static object and a permanent furnishing item, this design and constructive imprint has assigned to It perspective and dynamism, which generates amazement, observation and curiosity towards an underlying and intriguing language that refers of geometry, mathematics and proportions the key trinomial of any creative universe.
Cornelis is a marble table with disciplined sculptural shapes: from the top to the legs, everything translates into an unmistakable silhouette that encloses the secret of timeless strength and style.
Everything in this table is fluidly connected, just like the works of the artist whose name it bears.
A table whose workmanship and finish recall the laws of physics, evoking a pleasant sense of movement where the top expresses sheer balance to be fully exploited and enjoyed.”


  • year: 2012

The Naturadeira is a wooden chair with a missing leg. The role of the fourth footing is carried out by a tree.
It is a design manifest evoking nature as the source of man’s life. We got used to treating nature as something to exploit instead of a living system that sustains our life.

Our behaviour is like cutting a branch while staying on the branch itself. The message is simple: without nature (represented by the tree) we will fall down.
Art on chair International design competition. 2012 . IDC Paredes, Portugal. 3d price in the category imagining chairs. Produced by Cunha Industria de Mobiliário.