carpet tribute to Kandinsky

Kandinsky carpet

In 2021, Cleto Munari Associates invited me to propose carpet designs inspired by visual artists. I always loved Kandinsky. Many of his colourful abstract works resonate in me with feelings of happiness. The result is 3 hand-knotted wool carpets for the Cleto Munari collection. Abstract art teaches us that we cannot explain everything with logic. Art helps us to see things from the inside and intimately understand them.
Not only see but feel, most of all.
I once lay down on the Kandinsky III carpet. I opened my hands on the wool, closed my eyes, and tried to breathe slowly. I woke up remembering a colourful dream. Perhaps manual work conveys a special magic, or Kandinsky’s inspiration transpires over time. Or maybe I was just exhausted.

Carpet Kandinsky I

2021·hand-knotted rug

Carpet Kandinsky II

2021·hand-knotted rug

Kandinsky III

2021·hand-knotted rug


  • year: 2024
  • G10design mixed media
  • 20 pieces limited edition

Vera Mc Alley once said: “Children learn better through their feelings and thoughts than through rules and orders”.

I was fed up repeating my kids to leave the toilet clean after they got rid of the superfluous from their stomachs.

Shouting didn´t help. I decided to give it a try with the suggestion from Mc Alley.

I end up creating the toilet brush “diamond-dung”.

The verse of a song that often comes to mind sparked the idea.

Diamonds are earth to nothing
dung gives life to flowers.

It´s from a wonderful song from Fabrizio de Andre: Via del Campo.

This is the original strofe in italian:

Dai diamanti non nasce niente
Dal letame nascono i fiori.

The metaphor is very clear: things that we consider beautiful are often useless (if not harmful) while what we reject with disdain can be truly helpful.

price : 90€ (exc. shipping)                Write us to order your Diamond-vs-Dung.