• year: 2011

The Lucedera spreads in your space a new atmosphere. When you switch it on the light will pass through the thin wood skin and gain the warmth of nature.
Each Lucedera is unique. The handcrafted process together with the natural wood structure makes every piece different.
It has a simple form that does not ask for much attention. Place your Lucedera wherever you like. Silently, she will conquer your space filling it with a natural sensation.

price : 210€                    Write us to order your Lucedera.


  • year: 2012

There are several types of clamps (F-clamp, G-clamp, K-clamp….) as well as there are many kinds of lamps. This is the C-lamp made out of a F-clamp. The F-clamp is one of the most successful, you could say a A class clamp, while many of the new models are just a B class. All these letters may seams confusing but actually, the C-lamp is a very simple fixture. It’s a lamp on a clamp.
You can tighten it where ever you like and place it in the position you prefer. It is very functional and fits harmoniously in all kind of settings, modern as classical. Its beauty comes from the juxtaposition of counterparts: the strength of the clamp with the weightlessness of the light. It has been one of the finalist projects in the international design competition “Trieste contemporanea”, edition 2012. Since then it is produced for design shops and privates.

price: 120€                 Write us to order your c-lamp.


  • year: 2004
  • Private collection , Jocelyn, Washington DC.

Very few architect offices still have a drafting table. And the new generation will see them only in the movies.
Once very valuable products, drafting tables are now often abandoned along the street.
The mechanical arms are very special mechanisms, built to guarantee precision and lightness.
The last one I saw, lost along the street, was a perfect german made machine. I could not let it there and decided to take it home.