• year: 2004
  • Private collection , Jocelyn, Washington DC.

Very few architect offices still have a drafting table. And the new generation will see them only in the movies.
Once very valuable products, drafting tables are now often abandoned along the street.
The mechanical arms are very special mechanisms, built to guarantee precision and lightness.
The last one I saw, lost along the street, was a perfect german made machine. I could not let it there and decided to take it home.


  • production year: 2000
  • Private collection , Frauke, Berlin.

The story of this door starts at Marcello’s house.
Marcello was always complaining about a door: despite so much oil he did, it kept having an annoying creaking sound.
One day he and his girlfriend had a quarrel. She left the room and shut the door so hard that a hinge break off.
Marcello got to the conclusion that the door brought him bad luck. The day after he threw the door in the street.
I felt sorry that a door had to became the scapegoat of people’s problems. I took it home and gave the door a new chance of life.
The relations of Marcelo died definitely, while the door is still alive, transformed into a table.