• year: 2024
  • G10design mixed media
  • 20 pieces limited edition

Vera Mc Alley once said: “Children learn better through their feelings and thoughts than through rules and orders”.

I was fed up repeating my kids to leave the toilet clean after they got rid of the superfluous from their stomachs.

Shouting didn´t help. I decided to give it a try with the suggestion from Mc Alley.

I end up creating the toilet brush “diamond-dung”.

The verse of a song that often comes to mind sparked the idea.

Diamonds are earth to nothing
dung gives life to flowers.

It´s from a wonderful song from Fabrizio de Andre: Via del Campo.

This is the original strofe in italian:

Dai diamanti non nasce niente
Dal letame nascono i fiori.

The metaphor is very clear: things that we consider beautiful are often useless (if not harmful) while what we reject with disdain can be truly helpful.

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